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Business & Finance World Economy being Fuelled by War

Today, at this time when we all have independent countries, state, territories and lands to live in, when we have rights and we have the governmental machinery to protect those rights, when we have more than what we need to lead life in peace away from all retribution, we still are living in the midst of a devastating situation where every day our news headlines portray war and bring us live footage from the field. Since Vietnam and Kargil, almost every war in this world has been a TV war.

The general body of people can see the kind of pain, sufferings and deadly circumstances that are being inflicted on the troops of both the armies that are fighting, sometimes even over a few hectares of land. Back in the days of the kings war had a meaning. Kings used to win kingdoms, they had things to live for, to govern. They had the general population who would accept the king as their new ruler, there were slaves who would be brought to their former kingdom.

World Economy

There would be villages and housings that would compromise the territory that the king had won, mostly after months or even years of battle. But after the first world war, war has become a money making racket for those who have schemed their way into it and have convinced people to somehow accept it as the only way out of their misery. You cannot rejoice over broken and destroyed buildings and dead bodies and homeless victims of the war. But man has changed and so has the politics behind war.

Wars nowadays have no meaning whatsoever. They defy all logic. For example the US-afghan war has stared since the bombing of the twin towers. It has only been recently that the US have withdrawn their forces out of IRAQ. If only you look closely into the aspects of this war, you will understand how this and the other wars that have been going on in the world are nothing but a playground for the rich industrialists who are invest more and more money day after day in the weapons market:

  • A weapons range: Thousands of unarmed civilians have died in these wars. They have had no involvement with the mercenaries and therefore had no reason to be tortured or killed in the hands of the forces. The armed forces who have been equipped with the latest in war technology have been using the middle east as a test range of weapons and war equipment. Their artillery and infantry have been using those devastated countries in real time to perfect their skills and improve their weapon techniques.
  • Deaths: A lot of young men are being recruited in the army these days. The navy and the air force are also encouraging them to go and fight for their country. They are blinded by the very essence of patriotism and are lead to believe that they are being sent to fight for a good cause and therefore they lay down their lives at a very young age. They are paid more than usual and therefore money again happens to be the driving factor.
  • The breakdown: With the involvement of all the weapons manufacturing industries and brands, both the terrorist outfits and the armed forces are availing these products that are technologically more advance. These brands are contributing to the GDP of the country and therefore selling their products to both the sides.

With the advancement of warfare and the progress in war, there is no clue what it will bring upon the economy of the country and how it will affect the masses. We can all hope that things will become normal and stabilise over the next few years.