How to upgrade your PCs to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced the newest version of Windows, not in the name of Windows 9 but in the name of Windows 10. Windows 8 has all the advance features necessary for an operating system to work. But Windows 10, an advanced version of Windows 8, arrives with more extensive features which can make your PC much faster and efficient. The features of this version are more upgraded. It comes to you with a complete package which will prove to be a satisfying product for your computers.

Avail the new features of Windows 10

Microsoft Operating Systems Group will eventually launch this exclusive product which will entail the following wide range of features.

  • Windows 10 is compatible for no screen devices to around 80 inches screen devices. It will have the capability to run on any devices like PC, tablets, smartphones and even electronic wearables.
  • Being a continuation to Windows 8, its desktop UI consist of a task bar with a start menu. This allows you to access any app by placing the machine in any position.
  • Precisely the start menu contains both the features of Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. The menu that gets displayed consists of two sides, the left and the right. The left side looks similar to old version of Windows 7 pattern and the right side replicates the new Windows 8 font.
  • Windows 10 on your PCs will allow you to adjust the size of your desktop icons and drag them throughout the desktop screen.
  • With the help of Windows 10, you can easily zoom out of one app to view other apps when all of them are open on the screen. This feature differentiates it completely from other older versions.
  • This is the age of touch operating devices. Windows 10 allows you to have a touch oriented operating system which enables you to install it in all kinds of devices.
  • Now no need to download each app you like. Windows 10 enables you simply copy and paste your favorite apps into your computer’s directory by using the commands CTRL+C and CTRL+V respectively.

Windows 10 for the developers

Windows 10 is heading forward with so many exclusive and innovative features. This allows the app developers to make more creations and increase the app numbers. The Windows 8 ensures much higher efficiency than its counterparts. This initiates a positive impact on the developers. Now they can formulate huge numbers of gaming apps, web chatting apps, networking sites apps and many more.

Few points you must take into consideration before installing this new Windows version on your computers

  • Do not initiate direct installation of Windows 10 on your primary computer. Rather first try to install it on a virtual machine or a test computer.
  • Before installing any new version of operating system you must confirm to back-up all your existing data on your computers into some other system. This process is followed because crashing of the computer while installing can result to no recovery of the data.
  • After installing the new version, your old recovery partition will not be allowed to retain your data which were stored on your previous operating system. Hence the old version gets downgraded.
  • It may come to your mind that you do not prefer the new version of Windows. Rather you were satisfied with the older one. Then use an external source to store your data. For that you can use a USB device with your older version to store them.

Installation Procedure

  • In the first step you need to connect to the Windows Insider Program
  • Now from there download the Windows 10 ISO certified image on your computer.
  • For a primary PC you need to Burn the Windows 10 to an Optical Disk or simply form a Bootable USB flash drive. And for other machines you can easily add the ISO image via any Virtual Machine software which is available at that point of time.
  • The other steps contribute to just clicking on the “Next” button, each time it appears on the screen.
  • Finally completing the entire installation procedure, the Windows 10 will be on your desktop.