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Tips to make your long duration flight healthy and comfortable.

Since its inception in the commercial sector  or rather you may say, the public sector air travel has attracted passengers and customers from all across the world and from almost every rung of the society. Airways provide the same kind of services that railways and roadways and waterways provide. Although the other forms of transport hold different kinds of advantage over the others. But the greatest advantage of airways over the other forms of transport is that it is very fast.

It is the fastest form of transport and it saves a lot of time for people who want to travel across the country or across continents in a short span of time. Now with roadways it is nearly impossible to do so. You can only travel inside a country using railways or roadways but in order to go outside of that particular geographical area you’ll have to use the waterways which will take a lot of time. You may also fall sick because staying in the sea for too long can take a toll on your health as the weather of the sea doesn’t suit everyone.

Long Duration Flight Healthy and Comfortable.

Tips to make your long duration flight healthy and comfortable.

Therefore airways have come out as the best way of traveling abroad and to different parts of the country in a very short span of time. Also, airways don’t have to face any barrier. Waterways are round and round and are twisted as ships cannot travel through land and have to make their way around continents and landmasses, therefore extending the journey by quite a few extra kilometers. But airways don’t have to face that sort of a problem as they can fly over landmasses and also over water-bodies. But there are certain problems you will face when travelling for long distances.

A flight that will extend for more than 3 hours can make you feel jetlagged and also make you weak for a certain amount of time therefore delaying all the work you have scheduled ahead of you after the flight. So, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while flying:

Things That You Should Keep In Mind While Flying:

Eat light:

This is a suggestion that you will find written over almost every single booklet, tips-board and suggestion list that you will be provided with before the flight or the ones that you’ll come across at the airport. Eating light before the fight help you stay put in your seat without invoking any feeling of nausea. You are more likely to nauseate and vomit on a flight on a full stomach than on one with a light meal. Also, it is not advised to stay on an empty stomach as well as it can create more problems for you. You may feel dizzy and vomiting tendencies may arise because of it.

Stay off liquids:

Stay away from liquids as much as you can. For the difference in air-pressure you feel the need to go to the restroom a little too often. Drink less liquids. Drink liquids only when you feel thirsty. Air-hostesses will ask you not to drink liquids as less as possible when on a flight.

Rest prior to the flight:

It is very obvious that you will feel jetlagged after crossing continents. You should take a 10 or 12 hour nap before the flight and also take a shower before the flight. Answer natures calls at the airport and make sure you do not work yourself up before the flight. Stay rested as much as possible.

Apart from these you will automatically pick up a few tips from your fellow travellers and also the flight crew will make sure that you are told all the necessary information about staying in solid form all throughout the flight.